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  1. What is the purpose of this site? is designed for cooking lovers to share their recipes with other people who share a common passion. Each Recipe submitted to the site is rated on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the low score, 10 being the best). This community seeks to be a fun place to discuss common interests with people who love their recipes.

  2. Why is my Recipe rated a 10, yet not on the "Top recipes" list?

    In order to be listed on the "Top recipes" lists, you must have received at least 10 votes. This keeps the list from being dominated by new pictures with one or two really high votes.

  3. Why am I rated differently on the "Top recipes" page than on my profile?

    In an effort to increase the speed of the network, the Top pages are generated on a regular basis rather than dynamically every time someone clicks on the pages. Therefore if your vote has changed since the last time the "Top recipes" pages have been generated, your rating will be different.

  4. My Recipe was voted a 1. Is that good or bad?

    Our voting scheme is 1 is the worst, 10 is the best. But remember don't take any of the rating too seriously. There are people out there voting to pull everyone down no matter who you are. We encourage our users to be fair when considering a vote.

  5. If I edit my account will my rating be reset as well?

    No, your account will be hidden from users until our administrators re-approve it. When your account reappears, your rating will remain the same.

  6. How often can I vote?

    You may vote once every 24-hour period.

  7. Can I change my online name?

    No. All your information (profile, rating, messaging) are linked via your online name. Therefore, the only way to change your name would be to delete your unwanted account, and then recreate a new one under the desired online name.

  8. How do I remove my profile/picture from the site?

    Why you would want to do this, we have no idea. But, if you must, log into your account and there will be a "Delete Your Account" option.

  9. I spotted what I believe to be a fake or duplicate account. What do I do?

    Please send us e-mail notifying us of the suspicious account.

  10. What is your "last updated" time based on?

    The server resides in California in the United States of America. Therefore, the time is based on Pacific time (PST).

  11. What is your privacy policy?

    You can view our Privacy Policy here.

  12. How do I get my picture on my computer, not to mention your site?

    There are many ways to get a picture on your computer. Often, photo developers can e-mail your roll of film, processed digitally, for a small fee. You can use scanners at retailers like Kinkos and Ritz Camera for a reasonable price. Also, you can try making friends with someone who has a scanner and just use theirs. Or go ahead and buy a scanner yourself. Some are as low as $50.

  13. I have a picture but my picture is a bitmap (BMP) file. What do I do?

    We don't accept bitmaps files because Internet browsers don't support them. However, if your file is a BMP file there is hope! Open Windows Paint (assuming you are running Windows - if not, why aren't you supporting Bill Gates?) which is located at START MENU > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > PAINT. Then open your picture file, and select "Save As" from the FILE menu and save your picture as a JPG. At this point you can try to re-upload the picture.

  14. I have a fabulous business and I would like to promote it on your site. Is this possible?

    Sure, we will take your money. Contact us at and we will discuss our rate card for banner ads and sponsorship opportunities.

  15. I love this site. How can I help you guys out?

    Well, we love you too! load our banners, click on our banners, support our advertisers, tell your friends, and visit often.

  16. Can I submit a picture of more than one recipe?

    YES!! Please do!! After you Login, go to your account, click "edit Recipe list" and "add a Recipe to my list" is displayed. You can add as many recipes as you wish.

  17. I didn't get an answer to my previously asked question. How can I contact you?

    Visit the contact page. That should give you the information you are looking for.

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